Military Resources

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Members of the color guard at the Veterans Day ceremony at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The University of North Carolina is proud to support our military and is committed the mission of educating our veterans.

The UNC Partnership for National Security

The University of North Carolina Partnership for National Security is a system-wide effort to support the service member, contribute to the U.S. national security mission and grow North Carolina’s defense economy.  Through targeted degree programs, research priorities and projects, relevant pre-deployment education modules, deployment “reach-back” access, and strengthened on-campus resources and efficiencies designed to support the service member, UNC is a relevant partner with the military and specifically with North Carolina-based military elements.

NC Military Education Positioning System (EPS)

The NC Military Educational Positioning System is a series of online modules providing military affiliated students with the resources they need to explore North Carolina's higher education options, the tools to successfully navigate the application, admission and enrollment process, and the knowledge to graduate and pursue their career goals.